ccc_logoA contempory collection of T-shirts, Vests, and Hoods manufactured in variety of fine gauge and tight knit cotton fabrics providing the ideal surface for your brand or logo or decorative design.
All fabrics are reactive dyed to enable discharge printing and ensure colour fastness.
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Earth Positive®
ep_logo100% Organic cotton with a 90% reduction in the Carbon Footprint, according to the BSI PAS2050 and certified by the Carbon Trust (UK).
Organic cotton + ethical trading + sustainable energy = Climate Neutral and a revolution in textile production.
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salvageWe salvaged waste fabric cuttings from our organic cotton clothing production, shredded them, blended with polyester from recycled plastic bottles, and turned them into T-shirts, Sweatshirts and tote bags. From waste to inspiring fashion!
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bamboo_logoThe most sustainable of natural fibres, it’s bio-degradable, natural anti-bacterial and a
real alternative to cotton.
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TENCEL® – The Eucalyptus fibre
tencel_logoTencel ® Lyocell is considered the most environmentally friendly man-made cellulose fibre available today. It is produced from the wood pulp of Eucalyptus trees certified by the FSC and the only chemical used in the “closed loop” manufacturing process is the non-toxic solvent
amine oxide.
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MPH Headgear
mph_logoA blank collection of good looking, nicely fitting knitted hats made of wool, cotton, acrylic even bamboo.
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The aim of the FAIR SHARE project is to pay all the workers a living wage. To make this happen, we conducted a survey with the workers and
a local NGO.
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